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Computerised Gait Analysis

TekScan Fscan Computerised Gait Analysis

At Precision Foot Care and Orthotic Centre, the Tekscan Fscan computerized gait analysis system is used as an integral component of our advanced diagnostic approach.

The system uses computerized sensors, which are placed in the patient's shoes. The patient then walks or runs, and a "movie" is generated that shows every detail of the foot function of the individual.

The movie is then analyzed, allowing us to see how the foot and the body actually move. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional displays, pressure and force curves over time, force and time integrals, frame-by-frame displays of both feet at up to 500 scans per second at a rate of 960,000 sensing elements per second, single and multi-stance phase displays, center of force and its trajectory, and multi-stance averaging are all evaluated to allow more sophisticated assessment of the mechanics of the patient.

Vish Ramcharitar B.Sc., D.Ch., Ph.D.  is one of a handful of foot specialists in Ontario to utilize this state-of -the art approach. If you are suffering with foot, ankle, leg or back pain, or have difficulty walking, Precision Foot Care and Orthotic Centre can help.

To learn more about computerized gait analysis and how it might benefit you, please contact us today.

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