Vish Ramcharitar B.Sc., D.Ch., Ph.D. – Chiropodist

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Foot Care

From routine checkups to surgery, Precision Foot Care and Orthotic Centre is equipped to handle all your podiatric (foot care) needs.

Diabetic Foot

We offer the following types of knee braces: * Prophylactic (say: pro-fi-lack-tick) braces. These are designed to protect knees from injuries during contact sports like football. * Functional braces. These give support to knees that have already been injured. * Patellofemoral (say: pa-tell-o-fem-or-all) braces. These help the kneecap move smoothly over the knee joint.

Nail & Soft Tissue Surgery
Performing successful nail and soft tissue surgery requires a comprehensive understanding of nail anatomy and physiology. An understanding of both the vascular and neural pathways supplying the nail complex and the functions and relationship of each component of the nail unit is also essential.
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